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custom fields
You need to create your post within admin_user_system_settings file as well.

A sample of this can be found from admin_user.php in the Post section.

I keep hitting this error - Undefined index: csrf

I tried adding the hidden csrf field to my admin_user_system_settings to no avail
You are probably redefining the form or submit button...here is a sample admin_user_system_settings with data...

Ok great, it got it working now thanks! The only thing is there are no error/success blocks. Do I need to alter admin_user.php to display them on update for admin_user_system_settings.php fields?
I think this is a known issue if I remember correctly since I use this on my own install-and its because the POST comes after error and success messages.

I'll work on a solution for this in 4.4.

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