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Bootstrap 4
I guess Userspice 5 won't be releasing that soon.

Maybe implement Bootstrap 4?
When I started writing this article it was still on beta. But it just released! Big Grin When I refreshed the 4.0 was out of beta.

I'm excited to see it was finally released, and I think the main reason of course for not pushing v4 was it wasn't stable yet.

I'm really not sure on the ETA for US5, I've only really heavily integrated myself in US4 and I know there was a particular developer with high plans for US4. @mudmin could chime in on this. Are you in our Discord server? I'd love for you to join us!
I did some looking at BS4. It seems great, but it also looks like all the userspice code and users own projects will have to be refactored in order not to break. Like for instance any time you use the panel class, it's going to break. There is a migrator out there, but it's only based on the beta and I don't know how reliable it is.

No I am not in the Userspice Discord server but I do have Discord and I would like to be in it Smile Jamezs#9298
I'm glad if I can be any help to the Userspice project.

And I did notice some breaks when trying to convert a website to BS4 myself but didn't look into it because I decided to test Userspice out and put it on lower priority. But the use of scss make things different and very easy for theming. So panel classes break? The website you linked is outdated indeed but it may take some time for people to get notified that a stable release is out now. It does say .panel will become .card
If you put the <div class="panel"></div> it doesn't convert indeed. The list next to it states .panel will become .card though
My discord isn't letting me friend you, so click here:

Mudmin and I discussed this a bit more in depth and although it is pretty, we are not sure the functionality benefit switching now, so we are going to put it on the back burner.

I'm already using Bootstrap 4 on my UserSpice's theme. I think it would be great if it be included by default in core.
The issue is and we've discussed this before-it will break projects. Some users have their site completely decked out with Bootstrap 4 and several classes changed names which will break it. When we make a massive change like this, we run into problems with users sticking back on an older, and what will turn into unsecure version of UserSpice because they don't have the time to make the changes to migrate to BS4.
(04-16-2018, 07:12 AM)Bogdan Wrote: I'm already using Bootstrap 4 on my UserSpice's theme. I think it would be great if it be included by default in core.

Can you share any additional information on your implementation?  I am starting a fresh project and I would like to leverage bootstrap 4
I just rewrite some core files that I needed for my project. That's why we need to separate front-end and back-end (see https://userspice.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1036). I think WordPress core structure will be a nice example in this situation.

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