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Using Userspice with Microsoft Active Directory
Hey Guys,

just a general question about Userspice: Is it possible to (easily) adapt UserSpice to be usable with the Microsoft Active Directory or has anyone every done something in that direction? It would be great to be able to be able to manage users in Userspice with the Microsoft AD! Any thoughts, ideas, or experiences? Wink

Thanks alot for this awesome software already!
Sorry for the slow response. I was out of town. Can you give me a little bit of an understanding of what you want to do? Are you looking for AD login/credential sharing?
I think I have a relatively straightforward way of doing it and I'd be super interested in trying it, but I took down all my AD servers when I switched to google. If you'd be interested in making me an account (even with no permissions) on your AD, I'd be willing to at least spend a little time giving it a whirl. I think it would be a fun project.
While I'd be unable to offer anything to test against, I'd also be interested in this also keeping in mind Azure AD.
This would essentially take over US user management, but I'd curious about the possibilities of using AD users / groups for login / permissions alongside other US benefits.
I think something like this would be able to merge into userspice somewhat decently.

Thanks for all the positive responses!

@mudmin: Yea, thats exactly right! I am looking for AD login/credential sharing. We run an all windows system and currently have a Single Sign On Setup for all users over all applications. We are now planning on adding a web application to be accessible from every browser and so far everything gravitates toward Userspice. The thought is, that the admins only have one place, where they have to manage user, and not add another user database for every single future web application that is going to be added.

I will discuss with the other guys, if there is a possibility to add you as a user to the AD so that you can play around a little Wink But it will be a little while, until we actually start the project...I'll keep you posted Smile

Thank you very much for this awesome platform!
Sure. No problem at all.

It also depends on if you're good with having "access vs no access" or if you want to be able to set many permission levels from AD. Either way, it's an interesting idea.
(11-26-2017, 02:27 PM)mudmin Wrote: I think something like this would be able to merge into userspice somewhat decently.


I know this is an old thread. but any updates about LDAP integration with US?
I don't know that anyone has completed it. If anyone has, they have not released their code to the forums.

Its listed as a feature request within our project management but its not a priority at this time.
Hi all,

  I would like to revive this request. We really need LDAP/Active Directory integration with UserSpice, please. 

Thanks for all your hard work.

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