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UserSpice 5.0 Release date
I am eagerly waiting for US5, when do you expect to release? 4.x is excellent but lacks pagination. I appreciate the good work you guys are doing, I love Userspice.
how would you use pagination if it was implemented ?
We have 1000+ users and growing. Filters aren't enough.
userspice comes with default styles for bootstrap so you can use the bootstrap pagination markup, theres loads of php and jquery script out there to do it easily, ive done it on my users page, i'll try and get the script up sometime this week
Yep. I have it on my closed source projects. Firestorm, if you do the mod, you can send it to me and I'll push it out to everyone. If not, I'll put mine in there. Either way, pagination will come to userspice 4.
I use a jQuery plugin for pagination- bootpag. It's highly customizable with less effort (at least for me) than the bootstrap default.
Thank you Firestorm. Kindly forward the link.
Hi mudmin, thank u for the support. Drop us the mod.
See also...
Is there any worthwhile updated regarding US5?  I am just getting settled/started with a project and would be nice to know if this is still looming or not.  Looking through the forum it seems like it has been discussed for a while, is there still a commitment to it?

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