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Changing ReCAPTCHA Key
I've finally decided to get it over with and get myself a ReCAPTCHA Key, but since there's no field in the settings for it, I manually added it to the keys database table. That doesn't seem to make the ReCAPTCHA message in the footer go away. Have I done this the right way? If not, what is the correct way?
Sorry. That's in users/init.php
thanks been looking for where to put this for sometime! could it be added to the admin portal?
Yeah. I think I'm going to add these keys and maybe the menu stuff to the database
I have got the same problem using version 4.2.12 not sure where to put the recaptcha keys...tried database...cannot see exactly where in users/init
is it these or are these the Google ones?
$your_private_key = 'xyz'
$your_public_key = 'xyz'
In 4.2.12 they're likely still in the init.php file.

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