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current state

I started to use Userspice a couple of months ago for some proof of concept project.
So far, I am pretty happy with my choice. Simple and not overloaded with useless features.
Big thank you to all developers involved!

Now I want to go a step ahead (not in a hurry) and make the proof of concept 'production' ready.
But, sooner or later, 2 currently missing features will become necessary. Multi language support and extended permission/group functionality. Both seem to be planned for Userspice5. That's why I want to give UserSpice5-Dev a try. And hopefully, I can even provide a few pull requests.
Don't feel pressurized, but looking at github UserSpice5-Dev, I can't see much recent activity.
Since the project is fairly new at github, I wonder if the latest changes were already committed?

As well, I would like to know, if a change to bootstrap 4 was considered already? Some new features draw my attention Smile

Regards, Michael
UserSpice 5 doesn't really have a timeline. The first UserSpice was only released about 16 months ago, so the pace has been pretty frantic. We're turning it into an "as we have time" project. I'm telling people to pretty much not wait on it for now. @PLB would be able to answer your questions better, but he's not available at the moment.
old thread i know, but to touch on bootstrap 4, its currently in alpha and has already had major changes, ive notice a lot of theme developers pushing boot 4 themes but they are leaving themselves vulnerable to changes that could break their themes. the current alpha is still buggy so staying with a stable release such as boot 3 is the best option in my opinion, should boot 4 move to stable then theres plenty of tools to help the move over to boot 4.

ive been digging into userspice v5.0.0a and have a few bit and pieces implemented into my us4 build such as the use of constants rather than variables for dir paths etc, ive implemented multiple languages: so in the settings menu an admin can select the language sitewide and all text has been implemented not a select few but all. its currently 90{3bc1fe685386cc4c3ab89a3f76566d8931e181ad17f08aed9ad73b30bf28114d} translated into french and will have translations in english, french, german, spanish and its easy to add more. timezone has been moved from installer to db & settings menu,

i am currently working on the backup & restore feature, while i have it backing up userspice files, it doesnt seem to want to do the same for db tables so work in progress at the moment, but it has user defined backup folder, back up source selected from db, a nice responsive searchable table displaying backup date, filename, filesize in bytes, kb, mb, gb, action button to download the file and working on ability to delete each or all backups.

theres prob a few months left on this build before its ready for release but all patches are being applied as they crop up
Hey firestorm, thanks for this!

I totally agree with you on bs4. One of the best things about US4 is that it's compatible with nearly every server... I love having the latest stuff, but it needs to be stable.

I'm also super interested in the backup feature. I've been tinkering with different ways of doing it, but I'm not loving any of them.

Finally, I REALLY like the idea of moving US4 towards US5 before it comes out to give people a chance at upgrading if it's possible.
with the backup ive not seen anything recently anywhere either, there are a few wordpress admin panels ive seen that have backups working so i might dive in and have a look see if theres anything to learn, but even if this backup was just files as it is right now then i think i could live with that.

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