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v.5 -- Didn't know where else to post this so...
Hi. I'm at the beginning of reworking the user/login area of my website and I've been looking into user management systems. UserSpice seems like it's what I'm looking for! It looks like you guys are working on v.5 and I'm several months away from doing deep work on my project. Can I be a tester/"player around with"/sideline developer for that? Have a special download link maybe?

Beyond that, I've got several other questions that I haven't been able to find the answer to. Sorry for the long list but...
  1. Have any rough estimate of when v.5 will be available/stable?
  2. What PHP version is it written in?
  3. Have a list of dependencies?
  4. Is it HTML 5 valid?
  5. Do you guys use PDO and other secure methods for queries?
  6. How about sanitizing form submissions?
  7. Is a bread crumb trail in the works?
  8. Does UserSpice have an internal messaging system so users can message between each other?
  9. Do you guys use AJAX form submissions? AJAX modal windows perhaps?
  10. Are form fields auto-validated on the client side? (i.e. password isn't long enough, email isn't valid, etc.)

I'm glad you're liking it so far. I'd love any help you're interested in providing for US 5 also...I've taken a tiny break to work on a few personal projects and to do a full 3rd party security audit of UserSpice 4.1.x, but I'm about to get cracking on the US5 language files.

1. No guesstimate of a US5 release. I think US 4.1 is pretty good and has been pounded on a ton so I'm not in a hurry. UserSpice is actually just now hitting its 1st anniversary.

2. Both 4 and 5 are being written in 5.6ish but have been tested on PHP 7 without incident so far.

3. All dependencies are included. It uses font-awesome, bootstrap, and jquery. Most of which will be loaded via CDN (by default) in 5, but are included with 4.1. UserSpice 4.1.8 will bring both FA and BS up to current versions.

4. I consider it HTML5 valid. I'm sure there's some de-linting that needs to be done here and there.
5. Yep. 100{3bc1fe685386cc4c3ab89a3f76566d8931e181ad17f08aed9ad73b30bf28114d} PDO. The Input::get method sanitizes data whether from GET or POST. Queries are all bound properly.
6. See 5.
7. Yeah. We've definitely talked breadcrumbs. It's not in there yet, but it's on the list.
8. No messaging system at the moment. We've tried to avoid full CMS bloat...but it's an option. I have one in projects I've built on US41, so it's definitely an option.
9. I personally suck at AJAX forms. We should go that way for 5...but I'm on the fence.
10. Most forms are validated on both sides...but there is more work to do on the client side.

I hope that helps.
Thanks for the quick responses! If I want to start digging into things, do you have an alpha version of US5 at this point, or would it be best to start with the latest stable version?
There is a version here to poke around with...

I'm going to be gone for the next week or so and am trying to put most of my efforts into 4.1.8, but take a look and tell us what you think. I'll make sure I've pushed my latest language changes to it. There's a ton to do on it.
Also, please don't push anything back to git. I have an amazing hatred for that system Smile We can talk about how to use it moving forward.
Sorry for the delayed reply. Things got really hectic on my end.

I think I'll start with the recent 4.1.7b referenced on the home page. Whenever v.5 comes out, do you expect major structural changes to where it would be difficult to migrate a 4.1.7b version to v.5?

I would expect there to be some work making the transition. There will be a database migration script that will redo some stuff. The bulk of the settings that were in init.php will be moved to the database, so those will have to be redone (through sometime like our original installer). A lot of the navigation is moved to the database as well. Also, the default styling will be pulled in via cdn. I'll add stuff to make your classic styling to work as is.

So....it will be config changes, but your actual code will still work as is.
Ok, that doesn't sound too bad.

Regarding bread crumbs, I was thinking the "pages" table could be modified to add these columns: "is_parent_of" and "is_child_of". That way, when a user access page 198, we could make a bread crumb leading to that page based on "is_parent_of", then get the parent of that page, etc.

I'll also probably add a "page_title" column to the "pages" table, but that's not really related to the bread crumb.

Upon further review... I would definitely add a "page_title" column. This could double as setting the title for that particular page for browsers and such, in addition to being the title used for the link text in the bread crumb.
I definitely second the page_title column - I have implemented this myself use it for page titles in browsers as well as the title for the page within the body.

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