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Multi-Language Support
(02-04-2019, 03:15 PM)mibu Wrote: Hi mudmin,

I can take care about the German translation and ask a colleague to look into Russian.

I am already using gettext on my custom pages. The language selector/detection and init code is placed in navigation.php.
For the actual translation i use poedit. A very convenient process - especially if you need others to do the translation.

Something like <p>Hello World</p> simply has to be replaced by <p><?=_("Hello World")?></p>

In other words, please go for gettext  Rolleyes  

Let me know, if a sample userspice implementation would be any helpful!? I may provide an  pull request.
( I am fully with firestorm - I would also like to see development and issue tracking happening on github (or gitlab on your server?). 
At least for me it would be more convenient to contribute code and/or report/fix issues)

Right now we have a language array in our translations but I've definitely considered switching it to gettext.  I'd have to brush up on it first. 

I would be happy to send you the in development version if you'd like to see about a gettext conversion.  It should be rather simple because every user facing page (which are the ones we're translating) has the word "user-facing" at the top.  And all the language keys are lang(" so find replace probably wouldn't be TOO bad.  

I'm open to suggestions...like I said, I wanted to look into that solution before release.
I even have sample language files.
If you have plan to add a Hungarian version as well, I would be more than happy to help.
Absolutely. I'm expecting to release this code Monday or Tuesday along with info on how to create new languages.

Thank you!

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