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Multi-Language Support
Hi mudmin,

I saw the language.php in the UserSpice file structure and modified and extended it so that most of visible text is now in lang[".."] brackets. I also made a German translation (I need it for my project), but if I want to switch language I always have to rename the language.php.
So my question is: When will the multi-language support be implemented? If every user could change the language of the interface - that would be a dream! Wink
I could of course contribute my German langfiles!
I've been thinking about this. My problem is that it would require changing every single file which would wipe out everyone's customization. I'm definitely thinking about it, but this thing has over 500,000 downloads, so I need to be careful what I break.

My other thought would be to let all of the bugs keep getting worked out and then offer an "orphaned stable" version of it that would not get upgrades. UserSpice 3.3 is kind of like this.

Don't give up hope. I'm thinking about it one way or another.
Actually...I think I'm going to take you up on the challenge. I think I'm going to keep fixing bugs in 4.1 and then release version 5.0 as a full multi-language version. Are you really interested in helping?
I get your point, in order to work properly, every single file would have to be changed.
But if we only extend the languages.php for now, it wouldn't hurt the other - user customized - code.
I'm not a programmer, but isn't there a function that replaces all plain text in the php-files with lang[]-expressions? This would also be friendly to customized code.
Yeah...basically since version 4.0, we've been doing everything possible to discourage people from modifying the core code by providing auto-loading of your own customized files. Hopefully there is less and less codebase modifying going on.

I think there is a function called gettext that does what you're saying. I'm doing some research on that and just checking how other devs recompile for multilanguage.
on the point of updates, and i know you dont like github, i realy do believe it to be usefull to keep the github page updated so those of us who do or have edited core can see clearly whats changed, but also to submit pulls for bugs we find or even enhancement, i personaly am not a massive fan of git but find it too usefull to ignore.
Yeah. Agreed. I do try to keep it up to date. I realized that I never pushed out version 4.1.3 to it, so I did that today. Everything up to that point was up there though. I try to do it when I push a new version/patch. It's been invaluable to me when I'm trying to figure out how long a screwup has been out there in the code. Btw, you got mentioned in my new youtube playlist, Debugging with Dan. I appreciate your error reporting.
I would be happy to translate to Turkish
That's fantastic. Thank you!

So we're actually pretty close on starting this. Version 4.4 is ready to be off beta. I'm just checking with Brandin on the last thing or two and I expect that to be out today/Monday.

Then the first project is doing translations for the front end (basically everything a normal user sees (login, password reset, account page, etc), so I expect to do this really soon.
Hi mudmin,

I can take care about the German translation and ask a colleague to look into Russian.

I am already using gettext on my custom pages. The language selector/detection and init code is placed in navigation.php.
For the actual translation i use poedit. A very convenient process - especially if you need others to do the translation.

Something like <p>Hello World</p> simply has to be replaced by <p><?=_("Hello World")?></p>

In other words, please go for gettext  Rolleyes  

Let me know, if a sample userspice implementation would be any helpful!? I may provide an  pull request.
( I am fully with firestorm - I would also like to see development and issue tracking happening on github (or gitlab on your server?). 
At least for me it would be more convenient to contribute code and/or report/fix issues)


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