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Admin Register only

I am trying to only allow admin user to create new user accounts. I tried to make join.php private and admin access only, but when I complete the registration, it doesn't work. It takes me to the account information part, but im still logged in as the administrator. Is there a way to make it so admins can add users. No public registrations.

We get this request a fair amount... I will take a crack at it for you.
Maybe something that looks like this, or can do the same functions.. http://prntscr.com/bqimg8
Ok. Sounds good. I have a few ideas
If you want some screen shots of how the "Create User" looks like, I can provide them.
Can you post your code on hastebin.com and I will fix it and then create a way to do it for everyone else?
My code for what?
I thought you tried to make that feature on your own.
No, I just got those screen shots from somewhere else. It's called UserFrosting.
Gotchya... Those guys are great. Gimme a bit amd I will make something that works with our framework.

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