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Installation - Change permissions on users/init.php
Server Details:

PHP 7.2.19

user:apache chowned on all files and folders in site root directory

I've changed the permissions for ../users/init.php to 0666 and the installer page still reads:

Is ../users/init.php writeable? Unwriteable

Not really sure what to do from this point. I really want to give this thing a try.
Why did you adjust the permissions on the files? By default, the file permissions should be set properly. If the only file without proper permissions is users/init.php this is the only one you would change.

users/init.php is set to 644 on my install, if its still not listed as writeable when you do that try 744 or 777.
I only changed the permissions after the preflight check page had asked me to do so.
Please adjust users/init.php so it is writeable.

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