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can not complete installation
Hi guys ... im tryin to install userspice for first time.
I have tryed at my arch box without success , then I tryed on a fresh centos vox and have not success either.
Im stucked at step2 with "Database connection unsuccessful! Please try again" message.

looking at error logs I noticed that init.php is not complete:
PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected end of file, expecting ')' in /var/www/html/UserSpice44/users/init.php on line 28.

Im using:
userspice version 4 and 44.
php 7.1.30 and mysql 8.

is there some way to overide this issue or install it manually ?
Any help would be wellcome,
Unfortunately if it is unable to connect to your database, we're unable to help you further. You need to resolve your database connection issue with your host. init.php is not complete until the installer is run including the database.
Problem, seems to be mysql 8.
After downgrade to version 5.7 could complete the installation.

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