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Ecommerce / online shop with US
Hey everyone! 

After a couple of months its is great to come back to UserSpice and see everything that has changed and developed! I absolutely love this product and the community behind it Smile

I have used UserSpice for a couple of small to midsized projects. Now I have a fairly big project, that is about to happen and I would really appreciate an honest opinion of some the experienced developers here!

I want to build an Ecommerce / online shop solution and the decision is basically between: Use UserSpice and build (at least all the "online shop modules" like payment options, shopping cart and so on) from the ground up or use an Ecommerce framework like Wordpress + WooCommerce or Symfony + Sylius to be closer to the online shop territory. 

I feel like I would have to customise lots of things in those mentioned frameworks and it would take loads of time to get accustomed to how things are done there. But then on the other hand there is lots of stuff to program myself using UserSpice, which the other systems would already have in place. 

How much word is it to implement things like a shopping cart, different payment solutions or a backend to manage orders in UserSpice? What do you guys think? Any ideas on what to use or any experience with similar projects?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Flo! Welcome back. As the person who started UserSpice (and have written an e-commerce thing on it) it's definitely a great tool if you want 100% flexibility, but you have to be dedicated and have the desire to write pretty much all the code...although I could be persuaded to help write chunks of it as a plugin. My stripe plugin is mostly done and paypal isn't far behind.

That said... I still use wordpress a lot. If I were in your shoes, I would give wordpress with those plugins a shot and if it didn't do what I wanted, I would write my own.
Hi guys,

I want to build a new project with UserSpice. Something similar to the one OP mentioned here. But I also need to have
financial reports generated at once, when the user wants to calculate his/her personal finance after adding products to the cart. What plugin could help with it? I'm not tech guy and can't code myself.
Hi Terry,

The plugin system is still being developed and not many have been built yet, so unfortunately we won't be able to guide you in the right direction for this at this time.

Sorry about that and thanks for your interest,

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