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UserSpice should be simpler for beginners
UserSpice is a great software and I imagine how much effort and attention has already been applied in its development.
You can see that it was done by dedicated people that loves collaborating with the community.

But I imagine that its initial use could be simplified.

The videos explain how to change php programs to direct the login result to your application page.
A lot of changes.

I think there should be some configuration file where you put the name of your home page that will be loaded after a successful login.
Just this: You change the configuration file and do not need to change the UserSpyce programs.

I hope to be collaborating for this great tool with my suggestion.

Best regards

Thanks so much for your feedback. The next version of userspice points you back to the web right after you install so we can keep the instructions and the guidance up to date.  We're working on that.

Is there something in particular I can help you with?

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