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Fresh userspice install
I followed the guide and got everything setup correctly. I had to manually remove setup files. Now when i go to the page for userspice it is just blank nothing there
what version did you try to install ? for i had a similar issue trying to install 3.2.0 ?
Hello rbfritz - yes please tell us: what version of UserSpice and what is your server environment.

The failure of the deletion of install files and subsequent blank screen looks like a permissions problem.

Can you enable error reporting and/or access your server logs?
ive installed userspice 4.0 on ubuntu 15.04
Thankyou, I have seen a similar problem on *Nix systems.

Can you please tell us: how many lines do you have in /core/init.php ?

Did you try chmod -R 777 to the /core/ directory before installation?

You can revert to secure permissions on the resulting init.php file afterwards.
looks like 90 lines in that file. i did the chmod before install
that seems to be in order;

Did you enable some error reporting?

If your dev server isn't configured for error reporting look here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=961202

If you can't make the change globally you can add directives directly intu your code:

Paste the following lines into /core/init.php just after the session_start();

// Enable error reporting AND display the errors.
ini_set('display_errors', 1);

Do you get any errors reported?
ok added that to the init file, where would i see a error at?
iam clearing out everything and starting fresh
Usually you would see the errors at the top of the page you are trying to access.

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