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Make SQL Consistent With Code
Currently, camel-case is being used in the code (Good) and underscores are being used for SQL (Not so good). Please change SQL names to use theSameCamelCase. I might refactor everything to be like this at the end of coding my current project but of course it would be better if future versions of userspice were consistent.
Oh, also filenames would be nice camel-cased as well. All should be consistent. Easy refactoring in an IDE.
I don't agree re camel-casing for table- and column-names. Consistency is more important than going one way or the other. Userspice has been fairly consistent at using camel-case for PHP variables and underscores for column names. This probably comes from our (now somewhat distant) ancestor cakePHP - https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/intro/co...onventions.

I would not want to change case for SQL entities.

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